Why Regent United?

All our executive consultants have the advantage of having significant practitioner experience gained at executive leadership levels with leading multinational companies for many years in the China/Asia market. We have deep regional and local insights that often serve us well to inspire pragmatic solutions to the real issues faced by our Clients. We believe and operate in a balanced approach to our Clients – Consulting backed up with long executive commercial experience.

Our Clients often see one of our competitive differentiations is that we have a big picture in mind in Talent Management Consulting and/or Business Strategy Consulting under one roof from Regent United executive consultants offering a seamlessly connection between human capital and business strategic imperatives. When we provide consulting for business challenges, we incorporate leadership challenges on strategic and tactical level required to make the strategic migration work for all key stakeholders. Likewise, when we provide consulting on executive leadership and talent challenges, we take into the business challenges fully to ensure the right talent development, retention and selection are being incorporated along the value chain.

We understand all these challenges and sensitivities when companies’ profitable revenue and talent capital are under severe stress in business cycles. Developing “executable strategies” could bring tangible and immediate value to our Clients that is the unique advantage of Regent United.