Talent Consulting

Strategies have to be executed properly to win. We have deep Talent Management consulting experience to ensure our Clients have the relevant structure, talents and motivation to deliver the plans and change management programs. We help clients to improve their leadership potentials at the senior level via an integrated talent management strategy encompassing leadership assessment, executive coaching, strategic organization development,  and executive action learning program and workshops with the support of the cutting edge tools developed by Regent United and/or accredited by firms owning of the branded leadership tools.

Under our Talent Management Portfolio, we have a team of Executive Coaches and Consultants focusing on the talent development and training. Our specific services include:

Executive Coaching

We coach Leaders at the executive level of leadership (Board Member, CEO, COO, MD, GM or Functional Leader). Coaching is one of the most effective ways to develop critical leadership skills in high-potential and pivotal leaders. Our coaches focus on quickly getting results while building a strong foundation for long-term success in high stakes roles. Our Executive coaching covers

  • Development coaching
  • Leadership development coaching
  • Career management coaching
  • On-Board coaching

We operate normally on One-on-One basis on Executive Leader level or One-to-Several Group Coaching on Executive Leader minus 1 to 2 levels as requested by our Client.

Organizational Development Consulting

We believe that sound strategy and flawless execution must be aligned and synchronized to ensure vales can be created and captured. Since we provide Strategy Consulting, we also provide OD Consulting to ensure our Clients have the right operating structure, succession planning and talent pools to execute their strategies and sustain the profitable growth path.

Leadership Assessment

We develop our leadership assessment tools under several key dimensions to assess the high potential for further development or for succession planning. Every Client has its own Competency Model continuously being refined to stay relevant. We provide a seamless integration of various tools including Action Learning, structured Business Cases tailor-made to our Client’s business dynamics, Interviews, Branded Leadership Assessment Tools all operated by our Executive Consultants/Coaches to facilitate our Client to appraise their leaders and high potentials with more clarity and certainty in talent development, selection and retention as it is costly in making strategic error in talent management.

Regent United is accredited to administrate and operate the following branded Leadership Assessment Tools as part of the Talent Management services including but not limited to:

  • Hogan®
  • Harrison Assessment®
  • Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360®
  • Raven’s®

Executive Workshops

We also work as Executive Facilitator and/or Process Coach to provide short and impactful Executive Workshops program ranging from half-a-day to one-to- two days with plenty of interactions between the participants and the Executive Facilitator to deliver the strategic and business objectives of the workshops. We collaborate with our Client to run workshops focusing the following topics such as Change Management, Executive Alignment, Strategy Mapping, Executive Presence, and Execution Excellence etc.

Top Executives Hiring Facilitation

Last but not least, we also provide advisory services before our Clients confirm the Top Executives Hiring by using our assessment insights from both the business and leadership perspectives to validate the critical choice to our Client to improve the quality of the right hiring.