Strategy Consulting

Another core portfolio of service from our separate team of Business Consultants is focusing on the consumer products segment from market entry, go-to-market, portfolio offerings, revenue growth management, rationalization, turnaround, transformation and to exit strategy. We provide robust strategic assessment of both external and internal business landscape and gaps that lead to the pragmatic validation and confirmation of the right strategy formulation for the future growth path, be for a specific market, channel, or segment of consumers for our clients.

We capture all key players along the entire supply chain to uncover all the needed insights to back up our evaluation and solution. Our Consultants are well versed with the Go-To-Market Strategy development and implementation, backed by their many years of on-the-ground experience and track record. Under the Consumer Goods Business practice, we are especially well placed in the following consumer segments:

  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Food products for Food Service and Retail Channels

China market is brutally competitive and all strategies have to be reviewed in each of the critical development or growth stage. Strategies can be redundant in a flash of fast changing market if not being sustained and revitalized. Good workable strategies are being replicated fast.

Brands, if not nurtured properly risk being commoditized fast. Execution might be highly effective at the initial launch but often subsides at the points of sales. At Regent United, we have rich insights to the barriers of execution. We put away abstract concepts, cut through chaos, mountains of data by leveraging our in-depth experiences with relevant segment network and expertise to come out with solutions that can be executed.

We draw upon Market Research services managed and directed by us to land relevant external realities and findings for us to calibrate workable insights. We bring the best practices from reputable global and local firms to our Clients based on their unique core competitive advantages and/or disadvantages, the current and expected market consumer trend, and their organizational dynamics in each of the key stages. Our executable solutions hence always considers the readiness and operating capability of our Clients.