Our Portfolio of Leadership Consulting Services

Executive Coaching

Our core Leadership Consulting services are in Executive Coaching with different Clients from various segments that enrich our insights to talents in different industries. Some 80% of our Clients are substantially foreign owned companies and the rest are local branded companies, mainly in Mainland China and Asia markets.

Coaching is one of the most effective ways to develop critical leadership skills for pivotal leaders and high potential. For example, a survey by IATA in 2019 over 100 HR leaders in Aviation Industry shows that Online Interactive Learning and Executive Coaching ranked highest in terms of expected future demand beyond 2020 with 72% and 53% respectively way over other traditional training and development format like workshops and conferences showing about 26% growth.

Training & Development Future Trend Beyond 2019
Types of delivery2018Future
1Instructor-led Classes79%19%
2Recognized Certification Courses69%22%
3Seminars & Workshops64%34%
4Paper-Based Learning58%5%
5Executive Coaching & Shadowing57%53%
6Online Courses - Video & Interactive55%72%
7Online Libraries & Resources42%49%
9Team Away-days22%24%
10Virtual & Augmented Reality16%43%

Source: Survey conducted during Jan 2018 for IATA, from over 100 HR Professionals at Global Airlines Segment

Another relevant survey with over 50 Canadian Leaders in big corporations by Odgers Berndtson in 2018 shows that Leadership ranks as the number one expected quality from senior executives followed closely by Strategic Thinking. This is precisely the core driver for our Executive Coaching that is designed and delivered to improve the Leadership Effectiveness of an executive.

Expectations from Senior Executive or Leader
Based on Executive Leadership Survey over 50 Senior Leaders in Canadian Organizations in 2018Rating
2Strategic Thinking67%
3Ability to work Collaboratively 37%
4Adaptability & Resilience31%
5Progressive & Emotional Intelligence30%
6Powerful Communications27%
7Critical Thinking22%
8Technological Savvy 3%

Source: Survey conducted during 2018 from Leadership Consulting Firm odgersberndtson.com.ca

We have developed a Regentunited © Leadership Model based upon our experience learned from our engagements with our Clients that most executives’ roles can be segmented into 4 buckets:

  • Core Competencies - Various functions that are teachable and measurable. Good IQ probably helps, and they might change with innovation, technology or because of the market change.
  • Strategic Capacity – Strategic mindset to uncover future opportunities, unmet needs, and threats with strong sense of external scan on dynamics, globally, locally, and culturally.
  • Execution Capacity - Capability or savvy and resilience to deliver solutions and business results despite changing dynamics and conditions.
  • Leadership Effectiveness - Ability to lead team effectively and collaboratively to achieve goals and visions. This ability is often called interpersonal or people skills requiring good EQ and CQ (Cultural & Curiosity Intelligence).
Leadership Model of Executive Success via Our Executive Coaching Engagements
This Model is Designed to Differentiating our EC from Consulting or Technical Training
Core CompetenciesStrategic Capacity
Though outside Executive Coaching domain, we facilitate Executives to improve curiosity & learning capacity for technical competencies required for the positions.We handled about 40% of our EC engagements to facilitate Executives to expand their strategic mindset, anticipate opportunities & detect threats
Tactical CapacityLeadership Effectiveness
We handled about 20% of our EC engagements to facilitate Executives to vastly improve the ability to deliver results & solutions.Almost 100% of our EC engagements focus on accelerating the Executives to lead team, build collaboration for alignments and manage changes and disruptions assertively with empathy and humility.

Source: Developed by Regentunited as an Executive Coaching Model © 2019

Our Executive Coaching practices focus more on the Leadership Effectiveness that is all about influencing that a Leader exerts with an objective to achieve intended goals through working collaboratively with his or her team. We also help Leaders to expand their Strategic and Tactical capacity so that they adapt to be more mentally agile with a growth mindset and positive energies. Technical core functional competencies like Finance or Marketing are outside the domain of Executive Coaching.

Over 80% of our Executive Coaching services are conducted via one-on-one base with the top 3 levels of the executive leadership team from CEO, MD, MD minus one and two levels together with High Potentials identified for fast-track development. With pandemic disruption, we use increasingly more virtual coaching. Most of our coaching services are from repeated customers as our Clients indicated that they observed the visible improvement of the coachees in their managerial and leadership skills as well as the impact they created for people around them.

A Survey conducted by HBR shows that the referral for quality coaches with 65% rating is the most important consideration when Clients decide on the selection of external Executive Coach. We estimate that it is at least 70% consideration.

Selection Criteria for Executive Coaches
Key ConsiderationsHBR SurveyRegentunited Insights
1Quality referral in Similar Setting65%70%
2Clear Coaching Methodology61%30%
3Quality of Client List50%60%
4Ability to Measure Benefits32%40%
5Certification in a Proven Coaching Method29%10%
6Experience in Similar Role as the Coachee27%N/A
7Experience as Psychological Therapist13%N/A
8Coaches with Executive Leadership Experiencen/a50%
9Diversity, Language, Relevant Backgroundn/a30%
10Executive Coaching Feesn/a10%

Source: Harvard Business Review January 2019 on “What can Coaches do for you?

Source: Data Estimated from Regentunited's own Practices & Its EC Network in Asia and Greater China Market

Our Executive Services typically include one at most two of the following coaching objectives for any of the coaching engagement normally lasting 6 months with some at 3 and 9 months.

  • Facilitate the Leader in transition laterally to a new leadership role.
  • Facilitate the Leader for a paradigm shift to a new strategic Change or Disruption.
  • Facilitate the Leader to improve Leadership qualities critical to the success of the current or new role, e.g., strategic thinking, executive presence, building and sustaining a high- performance team, effective collaboration, executive team alignment or occasionally address derailing behavior of the Leader, who is competent or valuable to the organization.
  • Provide on-board coaching on organizational dynamics and culture for a new Leader.
  • Support development of the Leader as High Potential for Leadership bench-strength.

We have engaged with Leaders of various nationalities, diversities from gender, generations, languages, ethnics, cultures, regions to different industry segments.

We also track the entire cycle of our Executive Coaching engagement Leader by Leader to ensure that the intended leadership behavioral change will take on momentum to achieve the original coaching objectives. We do hold the Coachee accountable in tracking the entire engagement as this will also improves the motivation and commitment of the Coachee. Our Executive Coaching services run on 3 major processes:

Pre-Coaching Process

  • Selection of External Coach from vetted pool by Client’s Line Manager and HR Leader.
  • Meeting with Coachee for chemistry forms part of the selection process.
  • Aligning on Coaching Process, Leadership Test, Fees, duration, Terms and Conditions.
  • Offering and decision of the Coach to accept the Executive Coaching engagement.

Coaching Engagement

  • Alignment on Coaching Objectives with Coachee based on inputs from key Stakeholders and Coachee.
  • Administrate Leadership Tests, with Hogan being our first choice due to its predictability, to gain more Insights on the Coachee’s leadership orientation.
  • Coaching Program begins normally for 6 months targeting 1 to 2 Objectives at most.
  • Coachee keeps Coaching Journal to keep track on all important commitments and actions aligned in each session.
  • Activate EC session Monthly, live and/or virtual, now with WFH becoming more a growing reality.

Impact Assessment via meeting with the Coachee, Line Manager, HR Partner, and Coach

  • Conduct periodic feedback with Key Stakeholders on progress observed from the Coachee with a final Closure Meeting with Key Stakeholders to assess to what extent the Coachee has achieved the Objectives.
  • Coachee to share the degree of changes and obstacles encountered during the period.
  • Key stakeholders to share with observable behavioral changes for the benefit of the Coachee.
  • Executive Coach to share his or her insights on the Leadership change of the Coachee and suggest what additional development from the organization is desirable as closure of our engagement.
  • Coachee now returns to Internal Development with the end of external coaching.

Our typical engagement with Executive Coaching is about 6 sessions split into 12 hours spanning over 6 months plus 2 hours on Hogan Leadership Assessment to provide some science into the personality orientation benchmarking against a global sample of over 15,000 participants typically.

Leadership Assessment

We also provide Online Leadership Assessment working in collaboration with Hogan Assessment Platform. Hogan Assessment Tool is designed to facilitating Leadership development, executive coaching in a world of disruption, complexity, and uncertainty.

We are accredited Hogan Consultant that we provide debriefing session normally of 2 hours over critical Leadership Dimensions to Leaders who have undertaken the online Hogan Assessment. This provides a lot of values in terms of helping them to discover more about their personality traits, managerial and leadership orientation.

Our experience is that Leaders with high self-awareness can sense both the potentials & challenges much earlier whereas Leaders lacking self-awareness, they might not know how they are being perceived and could potentially limit their career growth opportunities as they are often lacking leadership effectiveness to lead a team.

Leadership Assessment more like a mini-coaching experience allows the Leaders to improve self- discovery leading to better self-awareness. Some Clients look at the results of the Hogan Assessment then decide whether a proper Executive Coaching is required. We have conducted over some 100 participants in the last few years on Leadership Assessment and for a relatively small investment, the dividends earned in terms of better Leadership Effectiveness awareness and propensity for positive change can be enormous.

Our standard Leadership Assessment package includes 2 Hogan Reports on Potential and Challenges benchmarking against global norms of over 150, 000 participants with a total of 18 Leadership and Managerial Dimensions being assessed, and 2 hours of One-on-One Debriefing that allows the Leader to understand more about his or her opportunities for Leadership behavioral change. We will also provide Career Management Coaching from the findings with insights whether the chosen career path indeed leverages one’s inherent strengthens, fits and motivation.

Other Consulting Services for Learning Organizations

Design for Core Competencies

Core Competencies serve as guiding principles for employees to know what the Company expects from their people. There are no best Core Competencies. All Core Competencies identified by the company are good if they can help drive the Company’s effort in differentiating their portfolios or services to create and sustain competitive advantage.

We are also Certified Practitioner from Marshall Goldsmith’s Global Leadership Assessment on the 15 Global Core Competencies that have been rated by some 500 Leaders from 200 multi-national companies across the globe in 2018. We can facilitate the realignment of the Core Competencies relevant to the Client’s future growth drivers in the segment. This in turn helps the organizations develop their existing talents better and target outside talents along the newly defined Core Competencies.

Design for Mentoring Program

As shadowing and coaching playing a more important role in the overall development of talents, some organizations are also exploring and implementing Mentoring Program internally. We can provide consultation as the most effective ways to set up and operate a sustainable in-house Mentoring Program. We have seen companies implemented Mentoring Program but often fail to sustain the original objectives and excitement from both mentees and mentors over time.

Organizational Design

We can help review the effectiveness, risks and opportunities of several organizational design options and provide clarity as to the type that is most suitable for the Company to pursue in the future 2 to 3 years. Variables for various design include organizational vision, mission, strategies, centralization, decentralization, business models, degree of regionalization and globalization of the business moving forward, digitalization of the business, cultural diversity, growth stage of the organization, and the overall competencies and experience of the frontline and functional Leaders and the expected profitability benchmarking the same industry etc.

Design for Action Learning Program

We have designed various robust Action Learning Programs ALP, and, in some engagements, we are also requested to act as facilitator for our Clients especially with a very decentralized and regionalized operations. The ALP typically runs from 6 to 9 months with several real cases assigning to several Groups relating to the company’s future competitiveness, degree of differentiation, productivity, innovation, and talent management etc. Returns from well designed and run ALP can yield values from better collaborative teamwork, communication, transparency, inclusive culture, and building a high-performance team with resilience and solution driven mindset, to name a few.

Design for a DE&I Organization

DE&I refers to the policies, programs, and inclusive environment that encourage the representation and involvement of diverse groups of people within an organization. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are increasingly important to socially responsible companies as employees across the globe demand for more level playing fields.

Several research including one from McKinsey in 2018 have landed support that embedding inclusive and diversity practices led to a variety of different perspectives, increased creativity, a higher degree of innovation, faster problem solving, better decision making, increased profits, stronger employee engagement, better company reputation, and improved hiring results. Studies have also shown strong correlations between higher-than-average diversity and higher-than- average profits across 350 companies being surveyed.

We can help organizations track their current DE&I performance with our tools from employees’ surveys, focus groups, and online dashboards to evaluate their current situation and make 3-years DE&I plan as it takes strong commitment over several years to start to see some traction and benefits.

Leadership Assessment for Final Interviews with Short-listed Candidates

With companies spending up to 40% of the annual package for executive search fees, a wrong hire can be costly. We could provide insights and perspectives for a more informed decision in making final selection for the most suitable candidate. Our process takes a Hogan Assessment plus a virtual or F2F interview. We will provide a brief report to the Clients about our observations, including strengths, weaknesses, potential risks, and degree of fitness. We do not need to know how the Client perceives the short-listed candidates as we would like to offer an independent assessment, nor do we need to know if the candidate receives the offer to ensure confidentiality.